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(Eh, the reply function didn't offer enough characters to write, so:) Ohh, I can oly imagine how much you must have struggled writing this chapter, because that's some seriously difficult talk they had - but you worked it out wonderfully! I really liked Rose's realisation towards the end, that it might be a good sign for him to still feel so deeply about his actions and that, with help, the Doctor could maybe still be put back together. It was absolutely worth the wait! :)

It was hard, I admit, and more than once I wanted to just sort of… throw it away. But thankfully, with some help and encouragement… Ok, a LOT of encouragement especially, which, you know…

I’m so glad it worked out. Especially the ending, cause it felt right, which is an odd feeling for me


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By Stewart McKenny

(Ignore the slightly dodgy quality, and my name my scanner isn’t the best)

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I don’t know that I’m the person to come to for sporting tips. [X]

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Chase the Dark [14/?]


Summary: After Mars, the Doctor misses something important. Instead, he reorganises his priorities. First: Get back Rose Tyler. Second: Find way to keep Rose Tyler. Forever.

Pairing: Ten/Rose

Rating: Adult 

Notes: The Doctor and Rose finally start talking… (So sorry about the delays on this one)

|| Previous Chapters || Ao3 || Teaspoon ||


Rose stares at him in shock, the last buttons of her shirt still undone, left open as her hands fall. The Doctor watches her, waiting for something, for acknowledgement, recognition. Even just his name. Taking his face in her hands, she looks at him, as if searching for something in his eyes. He’s not sure what, but he lets her look, willing to give her all the time she needs. They have lifetimes.

While she looks, he glances down at her buttons and slowly raises his hands. Looking back up and into her eyes, he begins carefully doing up the last buttons on her shirt. He expects her to stop him, but she doesn’t. Instead, Rose continues to stare, as if by looking, she’ll be able to see all the way through him. Eventually, she lowers her hands and, with a hint of a smile, she nods at him.

He offers her his hand and waits, hoping that she’ll take it. With each second that passes, his hope fades a little more. Just before he pulls his hand back, Rose seems to realise that he wants her to take the lead. Right now, he doesn’t trust himself, and he doesn’t think she will either, so he’ll let her set their tone, their pace. Let her direct what happens next. She grasps his hand, not tightly, but it’s enough to send joy rushing through him, though he tries not to overreact.

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Omg! It was worth the wait. Amazing chapter. I can’t wait to know what happens next


I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter and hopefully the next one won’t take quite so long… But we’re heading towards the end now. Finally ;)

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I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.

This is groundbreaking

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greatspacedustbin replied to your post: Chase the Dark [14/?]

That chapter hurt, a lot. But man, was it amazing!

Eeep, sorry? Maybe… I think. Then again, perhaps not! 

Though, if it makes you feel better, I felt bad for them, EVEN the Doctor, and that’s not normal for me ;)


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Echoes on AM Static


A/N: Based on some tags I wrote earlier on this post. This ended up a bit different then I’d planned. Also this is my first attempt at writing Eleven, so I’m not sure how accurate his voice is. Un-betaed.


He found it not long after his regeneration, buried underneath debris from crash-landing on Amelia Pond’s backyard shed. Of course, now she goes by Amy, so in a sense it’s been years, but in another it’s only been an hour, and he’s still trying to figure himself out. It feels odd, this time around – maybe because he came into this life screaming when he came into the last smiling.

An abrupt pang flashed through his chest, as he wondered what she might have said about this face. He’d tried for years not to dwell on Rose Tyler, her face, her voice, but in that moment before he died who else was there to see really? Who else but her?

And now he was left with no time. No more glimpses of that face, no more whispers from that voice, no more chances.

It was a bit depressing really

So while Amy found something to wear in the Wardrobe Room (with which she had been rightfully impressed), he was clearing up some of the debris the TARDIS herself hadn’t. It was mostly junk accumulated in a mound over centuries, because really there are only so many uses for broken (and fixed then re-broken) electronics. It was at the bottom of one of the piles, untouched. It was a small AM radio, which he doesn’t really have much use for now, but it might be useful for some circuitry.

Still, he got an odd feeling from it, as though it were more than just a radio.

He looked at it a moment, shrugged, and tucked it in his dimensionally transcendental pocket before exiting the room.

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47/100 favourite Billie Piper pictures

47/100 favourite Billie Piper pictures

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